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FishHunter Sonar (Video)

by Joseph


There are multiple opposing viewpoints on what the point of fishing is: Some believe that it’s primarily a pretense for the enjoyment of nature, relaxation, peace, and quiet, while others maintain that it’s all about catching fish. The FishHunter is a gadget for those that fall in the latter camp.

The FishHunter uses sonar technology to locate fish, measure water temperature and depth, and provide other data for optimizing your success in catching fish. It’s billed as “the world’s first military grade portable fishfinding sonar,” so a lack of hardware is definitely not going to be an issue for any would-be Quint from Jaws who buys one of these things.

Speaking of, you can do just that by checking out FishHunter’s website here, where it’s priced at around $200. And you can check out a video outlining the FishHunter’s numerous features below. It’s a good thing the fish don’t know about this, because they’d probably all go into hiding.

Here’s the video:

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