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First Private Supersonic Jet S-512 Will Have HD Display “Windows”

by Joseph

The S-512 concept jet, once it actually makes it into production, will be the first private jet with the ability to cruise at supersonic speeds. But it will also improve upon another aspect of air travel: the windows.

You might think the windows of an airplane are as good as it gets as far as looking outside the aircraft goes, but the makers of the S-512, Spike Aerospace, would disagree. So the S-512 will not have any actual windows for passengers to look out of, replacing them with giant high-definition displays. The idea isn’t a new one, but this will be the first time an airplane comes equipped with the technology.

The S-512’s HD displays will show a live feed taken from cameras outside the aircraft, and will be dimmed and brightened by the choice of the viewer. In addition to being cool, it will also assist the plane aerodynamically, as windows tend to add drag to an airplane, which can be a big factor in achieving supersonic cruising speeds.

Stay tuned for more information on the S-512’s development. And check out some concept images of the S-512 and its HD “windows” in the gallery up top.

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