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Firesleeve: The Waterproof Lighter From Exotac

by Joseph


Fire and water famously don’t get along together, and that’s especially true of our handheld fire-devices like lighters and matches – the cheap, commonplace versions of them anyway. Enter the Exotac Firesleeve (also stylized as “fireSLEEVE,” but even I have a breaking point when it comes to stylized capitalization), a lighter that keeps water out and gives you access to a working flame even in torrential downpours.

The Firesleeve is a standard Bic lighter that’s been modified by Exotac with a variety of new features. Chief among them is water-resistance, but the Firesleeve is also designed to float. So if you’re ever trapped in a crashed submarine that’s slowly flooding with water, you know you’ll be able to enjoy one last cigarette before running out of oxygen. There’s also a better grip on the body of the lighter, and a gas lock for fire without having to keep the button pressed in.

Exotac’s Firesleeve is in its fundraising stage on Kickstarter, and will be for a few more weeks. You can check it out here, where the lighters start at $12 each, and are expected to ship early next year if sufficient funds are acquired.

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