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Firelight Flask: A Flask Built for Sharing

by Joseph
Firelight Flask

Firelight Flask

Containers designed for alcoholic beverages don’t get much more implicitly solitary than the traditional pocket flask – I mean, the stereotypical manner in which to drink from the flask is furtively, ideally without anyone even knowing you’re getting progressively drunker. The Firelight Flask is a variation on the traditional flask that has a much more social – and let’s face it, healthier – approach to drinking in mind.

The Firelight Flask is perhaps the first flask ever designed explicitly to be shared, either while around a campfire or in any other environment where two or more people are drinking together. Its large, 750ML fluid container can hold a whole fifth or whiskey, and included in its lightweight cylindrical structure are two detachable tumblers – cheers!

Take a look at the Firelight Flask’s Kickstarter listing right here, where pre-orders start at $90 and up. And keep in mind its promotional tagline the next time you find yourself sneaking sips from a regular flask: “Just because we’re outdoors doesn’t mean we have to drink like animals.” Harsh, but true.

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