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Fireball Whisky Bagels from The Bagel Nook

by Joseph
Fireball Whisky Bagels

Fireball Whisky Bagels

I wasn’t previously aware of this, but apparently in New Jersey a popular hangover breakfast is a pork roll, egg and cheese bagel. Jersey’s own The Bagel Nook has put a thematically appropriate spin on this delicacy, but before you ask, no, Fireball Whisky Bagels will not get you drunk.

That’s because the Fireball that The Nook adds to the dough is cooked off during baking, which also extends to the “Fireball glaze” that’s added to the Fireball Whisky Bagels. But still, even though they won’t get you drunk, they’re a unique spin on the world’s most versatile baked good.

Read more about Fireball Whisky Bagels at The Bagel Nook’s official site right here. And if you’re not close enough to enjoy it in person, consider going to your own local bageleria and asking them to add a little Fireball to the dough. And also – they ship all over the world.

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