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Fire Dept Coffee: Coffee From Real Fire Fighters

by Joseph
Fire Dept Coffee via Cool Material

Fire Dept Coffee

Walk into any fire station across the world and you’ll see a bunch of people who are alert and ready for action at a moment’s notice. Presumably, most of them have a coffee habit. So a coffee brand by and for fire fighters kind of makes sense, which is what Fire Dept Coffee is.

Sourced from “socially and environmentally friendly farms” and roasted to order, Fire Dept Coffee is packed with enough caffeinated jolts for anybody pulling a long night shift, whether they’re putting themselves in danger to protect their community from the ravages of fire, rescuing cats out of trees, or just going to town on a comically large party sub.

Even better, a portion of the proceeds from each sale of Fire Dept Coffee will go to benefit groups for firefighters or veterans, and each package is priced at $12 at the coffee brand’s official site here. It’s fire, you might say.

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