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FINIS Neptune Underwater MP3 Player (Photos And Video)

by Joseph
FINIS Neptune
FINIS NeptuneFINIS Neptune

In today’s modern world, pretty much the only place we’re not able to be constantly surrounded by music and podcasts is underwater. Sure, waterproof MP3 players exist, but they tend to sport traditional-style earbuds that aren’t optimized for underwater listening.

But now, the FINIS Neptune has hit the scene, featuring “bone conduction transmission,” which sends the sound waves of your choice vibrating through your cheekbones and into your eardrums.And the FINIS Neptune MP3 player is also compatible with iTunes.

If you’re interested, you might want to head to Amazon here,where the FINIS Neptune MP3 player can be gotten for just under $140. And there’s a promotional video showing the Neptune in action that you can check out below.

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