Home Entertainment “Find Your Groove”: Kyrie Irving Directs Own Nike Kyrie 4 Ad (Video)

“Find Your Groove”: Kyrie Irving Directs Own Nike Kyrie 4 Ad (Video)

by Joseph
Find Your Groove

Find Your Groove

Kyrie Irving is fond of giving, uh, controversial statements to the public, the most famous being his possibly humorous claim that the Earth is flat. That kind of unpredictability doesn’t generally lead to directing gigs, but Nike nevertheless passed him the directorial reins for an ad for the upcoming Kyrie 4 runner. It’s called “Find Your Groove.”

“Find Your Groove” showcases Irving’s speed on the court and ties it in to the Kyrie 4’s purported flexibility and versatility. And, yes, there is a flat Earth joke thrown into the mix as well – and since Irving directed the spot himself you don’t have to feel guilty about the commercial poking fun at a man’s astronomical beliefs.

You can check out “Find Your Groove” if you so desire by watching the video below, and the Nike Kyrie 4 is available from select retailers including the Nike online store here right now.

Here’s the video:



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