Home Entertainment Final ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer (Video)

Final ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Final Ready Player One Trailer

Final Ready Player One Trailer

I feel like the advertising campaign for Ready Player One has been going on forever, that there was never a time before everyone was arguing about this movie’s unique blend of insufferable 80s mythologizing and Spielberg action set-pieces. But actually it’s only been a few months, and now the whole thing is wrapping up with what is promised to be the final Ready Player One trailer before the film comes out in a couple of weeks.

The final Ready Player One trailer gives viewers more and longer looks at what the Oasis – the virtual reality universe where most of the film takes place – will be like in the film, as well as a few Easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans. Take a look at the trailer, if you’re ready, below:

Ready Player One comes to theaters on March 29th, so you’ve still got almost two whole weeks to bone up on Ms. Pac-Man or whatever til then. Or, you can take a look at the movie’s official site here.

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