Home Style ‘Filler’: A Short Film From New York Fashion Label Public School (Video)

‘Filler’: A Short Film From New York Fashion Label Public School (Video)

by Joseph
Filler by Public School

Filler by Public School

New York’s Public School (the fashion label, not the educational system) have come out with a new collection for the fall and winter of 2014. And to promote that collection, they’ve gone down the “arty short film” route with Filler, a two-minute black and white piece featuring Public School styles.

The whole vibe of Filler, from the old-fashioned black and white cinematography to the retro technology on display, is reminiscent of the early films of Jim Jarmusch, so you can definitely count him among the influences on Public School and possibly their fall/winter 2014 collection as well. It’s also inspired by something a little more universally identifiable – the act of sitting around, doing nothing. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

You only need about two minutes of downtime to watch Filler for yourself, and you can do so right below. And for more from Public School, and to check out their current collection of styles, head over to the brand’s website here.

Here’s the video:

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