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‘FIFA ’16’ New Season Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
FIFA '16 New Season Trailer

FIFA '16 New Season Trailer

Next month marks the release of FIFA ’16, the eagerly awaited latest installment in the FIFA soccer video game franchise. The game brings with it a few new innovations to the franchise, not least among them the inclusion of female soccer teams in the game. Now, in advance of the game’s September release, a “New Season Trailer” for the game has hit the internet.

While players will not have the ability to create their own intergender soccer championship, FIFA ’16 looks to be a worthwhile game anyway, with nine new stadiums being added to the game as well as a training function in the game’s Career Mode for developing players under management without playing them in the game.

You can watch the FIFA ’16 New Season Trailer below. The game drops on September 25th, but pre-orders as well as more info can be found at EA Sports’ official site right here.

Here’s the trailer:


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