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Field Skillet: “Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron”

by Joseph
Field Skillet

Field Skillet

Cast iron is a good and sturdy material for things like pots and pans that need to endure a lot of physical distress over the course of their service. But its durability and versatility come with a drawback: Its weight.

Now, the people at Field Company have developed a process by which a cast iron pan can be lighter than a 13-inch MacBook Pro, and they’ve used it to make the Field Skillet.

The Field Skillet is just as good at retaining heat and flavor as a traditional cast iron skillet, but it’s been polished to a smooth and light sheen, making it easier to use and take wherever you go. It’s designed with a no-frills mentality, without any pour spouts or other unnecessary features, and with the intentions of being as simple to use as possible.

Their 1,200 Kickstarter backers can’t be wrong, and you have almost a whole month to get in on the Field Skillet action right here. Remaining pre-orders start at $90 with deliveries starting in June.

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