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Fidget Cube: A Desktop Toy to Improve Focus

by Joseph
Fidget Cube

Fidget Cube

Fidgeting is an unavoidable habit for some of us, which raises the question not of whether or not to fidget, but rather what we’re going to fidget with.  Pens, balled up pieces of paper, and anything else that might be at hand are usually fair game, but the Fidget Cube is a desktop toy specifically for satisfying fidgetation, and improving focus as well.

The Fidget Cube boasts all manner of fidgety clicking, switching, and rolling actions on five of its six sides, with the sixth side given to a design inspired by traditional worry stones, for meditation and relaxation. And there are even a couple of silent buttons for when you need to fidget in silence without the benefit of satisfying clicking sounds, like at a funeral, for example.

There’s a surprising amount of enthusiasm for the Fidget Cube, as evidenced by the more than $75,000 its managed to raise on Kickstarter right here, where you can pre-order yours starting at just under $20.

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