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FEW Breakfast Gin Available From Masters of Malt

by Joseph
FEW Breakfast Gin

FEW Breakfast Gin

Ah yes, gin, also known as “the breakfast of champions.” But even given that well-known aphorism, there are almost no gins on the market that were specifically engineered to be enjoyed during morning meals — which is exactly the niche that FEW Breakfast Gin, now available from Masters of Malt, seeks to fill.

Earl Grey tea is one of the key ingredients of FEW Breakfast Gin, as well as the bergamot orange, which combine with various other flavors for a refreshing gin perfect for breakfast and brunch. And it’s just as versatile as any other gin, good for use in a wide variety of cocktails and other concoctions.

A bottle of FEW Breakfast Gin costs just under $55 at the Masters of Malt online store here, where you can also get more information and tasting notes on this alcoholic fast-breaker. The site doesn’t say a word about pouring it over pancakes, though.

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