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FES Watch With Electronic Paper Display and Band

by Joseph
FES Watch

FES Watch

The cool thing about electronic paper is that it can be shaped into anything an inventor might imagine, so the old rules about what goes where in conventional technology don’t really apply. That idea is strongly in evidence in the FES Watch, an e-paper watch finally released to the public following a crowdfunding campaign last year.

The FES Watch doesn’t just sport e-paper in its face.  In fact, the entire band is decked out in the stuff, which allows it to display a variety of different items and visual designs at the push of a button. The bad news is that the watch is only available at Japanese retailers for now, but hopefully novel designs like this can catch on all over the world.

To check out the FES Watch now, head over to Moma Japan here, where even if you can’t read Japanese you can see the watch is now listed as “SOLD OUT.” But stay tuned for more information on wider availability.

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