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‘Ferrari: Under the Skin’ Exhibit Coming to London Design Museum (Video)

by Joseph
Ferrari: Under the Skin

Ferrari: Under the Skin

It’s a good time to be a Ferrari fan, with more and more licensed Ferrari products hitting the market all the time, and what’s basically a Ferrari amusement park available to visit in Spain. Now you can add the London Design Museum to that list, with the upcoming new exhibition entitled Ferrari: Under the Skin.

Ferrari: Under the Skin, which is not about an alien Scarlett Johansson seducing and killing Ferrari owners, instead outlines Ferrari’s illustrious 70 years of automotive brilliance. Included in the exhibition is $183 million collection of Ferrari vehicles, but there’s much more to it than that, as London Design Museum Sir Terence Conran reportedly puts it:

“The depth of emotion goes far beyond the external beauty of their cars. What excites me so much about this exhibition is the rare opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes and experience the dynamic between engineering, manufacturing and design, which produces Ferrari’s magic ingredient.”

Even if you’re not able to make it to London any time soon, you can get a glimpse at Ferrari: Under the Skin in the video below.

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