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Ferrari-Branded Headphones From Logic3

by Joseph

Ferrari Earphones

New from Logic3 comes two new lines of headphones baring a very special brand: The “Prancing Horse” of the legendary Ferrari.

The first line is called “Cavallino,” and is made up of aluminum housings with premium hand-stitched leather. The second line, called “Scuderia,” is similar, but instead of leather these headphones are composed of colors designed to look like the famous Ferrari Formula One team.

Both lines have over-the-ear headphones, Bluetooth-compatible speakers, and three different speaker dock models (one Scuderia with Bluetooth, one without, and one Cavallino).

Altogether, it’s a great many number of products to entice the Ferrari-obsessed audiophile. You can check them out for yourself at Ferrari’s webstore here, where prices range from $166 all the way up to $1,017

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