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FenSens Smart Parking Device (Video)

by Joseph


I’ve got a friend or two who have purchased a new car in the last couple years, and they have these newfangled parking cameras that let them back out almost totally stress-free, since they can see everything that’s behind them without even having to crane their necks. I, on the other hand, drive a 15-year-old car, and the only thing it has behind it is a lot of miles.  But with FenSens, I can up my parking game almost to my friends’ level.

FenSens doesn’t quite give you a camera in the back of your car, but it does provide a smart parking sensor to make even the trickiest parallel parks seem like a 2 AM Wal-Mart job without any other cars in sight. The rear sensor doubles as a standard license plate holder, and once it’s installed it gives you real-time alerts and data directly through your phone.

At $100, a FenSens parking device is substantially cheaper than replacing your piece of junk car, and you can get a rough cartoonish approximation of how it works in the video below. If you’re interested, sign up for updates and a special early bird $99 price tag at the official FenSens site here.

Here’s the video:

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