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Fendi Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Unveiled

by Joseph

Fendi Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Fashion house Fendi has unveiled its Spring/Summer collection for 2013, and it is something else. The collection is said to pay homage to the tradition of Fendi collections of years past while keeping both eyes squarely on the future. This past-and-future sensibility is also reflected in the retro color scheme of most of the pieces contrasted with the modern feel of the cuts and color formations.

There’s also plenty of stuff for you if you like crocodile, eel, leather, silk nylon, or cotton – and who doesn’t like at least one of those things? The people at Fendi sure know what they’re doing, all right!

You can seem more of the Fendi Spring/Summer 2013 collection at their website, here.

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