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Fender Mod Shop: Create Your Own Custom Ax

by Joseph
Fender Mod Shop

Fender Mod Shop

Legendary guitar brand Fender has set up a new online store that will let you create your own guitar, practically from scratch and all online. It’s the Fender Mod Shop, and it may be the best and most affordable way to bring the fantasy guitar that lives in your imagination to life.

Starting with four basic Fender models—the Telecaster and Stratocaster electric guitars, the Jazz Bass, and the Precision Bass—the Fender Mod Shop offers more than 70,000 different customization options covering every solitary aspect of the guitar. You might not be able to get a guitar shaped like Prince‘s love symbol, but this is still a good way to craft a guitar that reflects your own personality.

Prices at the Fender Mod Shop obviously vary a lot depending on your customization choices, but they start at $1650, and whatever you design can be built and shipped to your house in about a month. To get started, head over to the Fender Mod Shop right here, and you can check out an introductory video below.

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