Home Tech & Gear Fender Bluetooth Speakers Inspired by Classic Amplifiers (Video)

Fender Bluetooth Speakers Inspired by Classic Amplifiers (Video)

by Joseph
Fender Bluetooth Speakers

Fender Bluetooth Speakers

Everyone knows and loves the look of the classic Fender amp. Sometimes, when I’m shredding my ax onstage as part of my pop-punk Sun Ra tribute band Fun Ra*, I become overwhelmed by the desire not to hear blasphemous guitar licks coming from the onstage amp, but an episode of This American Life instead. For me, and presumably many others, there are now the newly unveiled Fender Bluetooth speakers.

Fender Bluetooth speakers come in two different designs – the Monterey, 120 watts and with a quad-driver, intended to be a permanent part of your home audio setup, and the Newport, its smaller cousin, 30 watts and made to be taken on the road.

You can acquaint yourself with both Fender Bluetooth speakers by watching the introductory video below, and for more details and to order one starting at $200, head over to Fender’s official site for the speakers right here.

Here’s the video:

*Fun Ra does not actually exist.

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