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Fend: “The Collapsible Bike Helmet”

by Joseph


It’s not generally a good sign if your bicycle helmet has collapsed, but with Fend, it’s all part of the plan. That’s because Fend is a collapsible bike helmet that can fold down accordion-style into a compact package about a third of its full size when you’re not wearing it, making it much easier to carry and to store.

Fend is constructed from hard shell ABS, nylon, multi-impact EPP liner, and various industrial metal fixtures, working together to give the helmet its signature qualities of flexibility, durability, and (naturally) collapsibility. If you’re on the fence about wearing a helmet while you bike, this could be the product that switches you to the safe side once and for all.

You can get a lot more information on Fend at the collapsible bike helmet’s Kickstarter listing right here, but it’s got another $10,000 to raise as of this writing to meet its fundraising goal. Pre-orders start at just under $60 and up.

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