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Female Motorcycle Rider Just Doesn’t Care (Video)

by Joseph
Thong-Wearing Female Motorcycle Rider

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When you ride on a motorcycle, a little thing called Bernoulli’s Principle will cause any loose clothing you’re wearing to be driven upwards. We’ve all seen it happen on the highway, usually with 50-year-old dudes who we wish would have tucked in their t-shirts a little tighter, but every once in a while it happens to someone else. Like the thong-wearing female motorcycle rider now achieving internet fame thanks to her fully visible thong during a nighttime bike ride.

The video was originally posted late last summer, but it’s now caught the attention of no less than the official Playboy website here, where the imaginations of readers have been put on temporary vacation as this thong-wearing female motorcycle rider shows almost everything. And in case you feel a little creeped out looking at “upskirt” videos, she doesn’t appear to care that she’s out in public this way, and I don’t think it’s very likely she didn’t know what was happening.

You can judge for yourself by checking out the video above. Enjoy:

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