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FedEx SoundTrack: “Experience a Package’s Journey Through Sound”

by Joseph
FedEx SoundTrack

FedEx SoundTrack

Watch your back, Domino’s Pizza Tracker: There’s a new online delivery tracker in town, and it makes your little cartoon chef look like a pathetic little bore. It’s FedEx SoundTrack, which purportedly allows users to do no less than “experience a package’s journey through sound.”

That lofty description refers to FedEx SoundTrack’s function of creating custom musical accompaniment to your package’s journey across the country. Variables such as the type of package, its weight and size, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going are all factored into the package’s sonic signature, which you can listen to in real time as your package makes its way to your door. If the music is good enough, you might find yourself wishing FedEx would slow the heck down.

You can try out FedEx SoundTrack right here. And even if you don’t have a package in transit, the site also lets you see how it works by creating your own imaginary package and seeing how it generates music to go along with it.

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