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FEBO: Engrave Wood With the Sun

by Joseph


Harnessing the power of the sun is a growing concern in recent years, thanks to new levels of environmental consciousness. But one method of solar power has been around for generations: using a magnifying glass to burn a hole in something. It’s this principle that powers FEBO, a device for wood engraving that uses nothing but a lens to focus the sun’s rays.

The creative possibilities for FEBO are practically endless – homemade gifts, personalizing skateboard decks or other wood-based items, and it’s said to work on leather and cork too. And the device is designed so that almost anyone can pick it up and start drawing – provided its an adequately sunny day outside.

You can prepare for your next adequately sunny day by pre-ordering your FEBO lens at the product’s Kickstarter page here, where it’s priced starting at $29. Interest is high, judging by the 42 grand they’ve raised above their original eight grand goal, but you have another two weeks to order it there.

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