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F*cking Strong Coffee

by Joseph
Fucking Strong Coffee

Fucking Strong Coffee

If your morning java is too polite for your taste, Firebox has you covered with their bluntly named Fucking Strong Coffee. Aside from the funny packaging, this is advertised as a premium “blend of Brazilian and Honduran Arabica Coffee,” with a lot of complex flavors and, of course, loads of caffeine.

Roasted and packed in the Firebox roastery in London, Fucking Strong Coffee can be brewed in all kinds of coffee makers, and has flavor notes of liquorice, dark treacle, and cocoa. Firebox recommends one dessert spoon full of the stuff per cup, which gives you a dense and syrupy coffee that might have you saying “gosh, that is some fucking strong coffee.”

To order a 250 gram bag of Fucking Strong Coffee, first make sure your mom isn’t coming over for Mother’s Day this weekend, then head to Firebox’s online store here, where each bag goes for just a little bit under $17.

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