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Fat Cookout Sandwich Returns to Fat Sal’s Deli for Limited Time

by Joseph
Fat Cookout Sandwich

Fat Cookout Sandwich

I’m either extremely fortunate or extremely unfortunate to live in one of the few cities that’s home to Fat Sal’s Deli. In case you live outside of Sal’s jurisdiction, here’s a quick primer on their specialty: Humongous sandwiches with all manner of disgustingly delicious ingredients packed inside, perfect for when you’re drunk and/or otherwise gluttonous enough to contemplate a sandwich with chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and french fries among its many toppings. Now, one of the chain’s most ridiculous items, the Fat Cookout Sandwich, is returning for a limited time, and it seems worthy of some general attention here.

Here is the official description of the Fat Cookout Sandwich, straight from Fat Sal’s menu: “Cheeseburger, hot dogs, potato chips, pickles, ketchup and mustard on a hero.” The Los Angeles version reportedly also has potato salad thrown in there, too, which, why not, at this point?

If you missed out on the July 4th barbecue festivities this year, maybe a Fat Cookout Sandwich from Fat Sal’s will be just the thing. As long as there are no firecrackers crammed in there.

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