Home Entertainment ‘Family Guy’ Kills Off Brian in Most Recent Episode (Video)

‘Family Guy’ Kills Off Brian in Most Recent Episode (Video)

by Joseph
family guy brian dead

family guy brian dead

To put it mildly, the Fox animated series Family Guy isn’t known for its adherence to any kind of internal continuity, preferring instead to hop around wildly and landing wherever necessary for their next joke. But the show appears to have made a big and serious change in last night’s episode, killing off the character of Brian, the Griffin family dog.

Brian, voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane, was killed after being run over by a car in the latest episode, dying from his injuries after saying farewell to the Griffin family. Whether or not the character’s death will stick remains to be seen.

You can watch a clip of Brian’s death on Family Guy below. This may be the saddest cartoon dog death since Hong Kong Phooey suffocated in a filing cabinet.

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