Home Entertainment “False Alarm”: New Weeknd Video Shows First-Person Bank Heist (Video)

“False Alarm”: New Weeknd Video Shows First-Person Bank Heist (Video)

by Joseph
False Alarm

False Alarm

The trend of staged first-person action videos was probably played out by the time Hardcore Henry came out, but The Weeknd has managed to put the finishing touches on the form with the same person who directed that film. It’s the video for “False Alarm,” a song about unrequited love that gets transmuted into a story about an extremely violent bank heist in its new video.

Watching the “False Alarm” video puts you, yes you, right in the center of a murderous bank heist that also involves a beautiful female hostage. The bullets, blood, cash, and cop cars fly, and by the end you might feel like you just watched a feature length action movie in just five minutes.

If you think you can handle it, the video for “False Alarm” by The Weeknd can be watched below. You’ll never guess how it ends! Well, you might not guess how it ends!


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