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Fake News Ale From Northern Maverick Brewing Co.

by Joseph
Fake News Ale

Fake News Ale

President Donald Trump is infamous for having a contentious relationship with everyone from Kristen Stewart to members of his own family. One of the most prominent members of his enemies’ list is the country of Canada, and now Canada is striking back by way of their Northern Maverick Brewing Co., who recently announced the Trump-inspired Fake News Ale.

Every can of Fake News Ale has a not-exactly flattering caricature of Trump on the front, depicted in the middle of one of his patented frothy rants, perhaps against the scourge of “fake news” that involves reporting on his words and actions. You can take a look at the portrait in Northern Maverick’s recent tweet below:


Trump doesn’t drink, so he will tragically never be able to taste the Fake News Ale that he inspired, but that’s no reason you can’t enjoy it, and stay tuned for more release details at Northern Maverick’s official site here.

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