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Fairlife: Coca-Cola Promotes Milk Brand With “Milky PinUps”

by Joseph
Fairlife Milky PinUp Ads

Fairlife Milky PinUp Ads

You might remember from last year the “Milky PinUps” portrait series from photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, who released photos of various models wearing nothing but fantastic splashes of milk. Now, those images have been brought back in order to promote Fairlife, a new premium milk brand from Coca-Cola.

The Fairlife ad campaign takes the previous “Milky PinUps” and adds slight double-entendres like “Better Milk Looks Good On You” and “Drink What She’s Wearing.” As for Fairlife itself, Coke says their milk has 50% more protein and 50% more calcium that the usual milk, which might be able to offset the inherent creepiness of drinking Coke-Milk on a good day.

You can take a look at Coca-Cola’s Fairlife ad campaign up at the top courtesy of this Twitter account. And for more information on the Fairlife brand, you can head over to the brand’s website here, which is suspiciously light on pin-up girls covered in milk.

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