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Facebook Watch: Facebook Testing New Video Platform

by Joseph
Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to bust out that brilliant web series concept, Facebook recently announced its own video platform designed for users to do just that. It’s called Facebook Watch, and it’s engineered for video content that’s divided into episodes – either recorded or streamed live.

Facebook Watch is clearly meant to compete with the internet’s reigning video king YouTube, and the plan is for creators on the platform to get paid for their work similarly to YouTube’s partnership program. And since this is a Facebook project, you’ll be able to see comments and reactions in real time as you watch – so, uh, that’s something.

The platform is reportedly being tested now, but Facebook Watch should be getting a wider roll-out in a matter of weeks. So if you’re, say, thinking about starting a food review web show for tax purposes, this may be just what the accountant ordered.

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