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Facebook Unveils Mentions, The App for Celebrities

by Joseph
Facebook Mentions App

Facebook Mentions App

Here’s a problem you probably can’t relate to: All you want to do when you go on Facebook is to share your latest music video or movie trailer, but you don’t want to have to wade through a bunch of stupid stuff from your so-called “friends” while you do it. And you also want to be able to see what strangers all over the world are saying about you at the same time.

In case you can’t tell, these are issues that more than likely apply to celebrities rather than us mere mortals. And for them, Facebook has launched Mentions, “a new app for actors, athletes, musicians, and other influencers to discover and join conversations on Facebook.”

Facebook Mentions is currently only available to verified public figures that are on Facebook, so no one is 100% certain what all it does (except for the celebrities, and they aren’t telling). But the consensus is that it gives you a “mentions” tab that gives you Facebook chatter about you whenever you want. Even if you’re not a celebrity, you can check out Mentions’ Apple Store listing here. And if you follow your dreams, maybe one day you’ll be able to use it.

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