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Facebook Messenger Day: FB’s Snapchat Knock-Off Unveiled

by Joseph
Facebook Messenger Day

Facebook Messenger Day

You’ve known it was coming for years now: Facebook is finally aiming to cut into that sweet Snapchat action. They’re doing it with Facebook Messenger Day, a new service that allows users to share and view photos and other forms of content that disappear after 24 hours—or a “Day,” in Earthling terms.

Here’s what Facebook’s VP of messaging had to say to TechCrunch about the new service (spoiler, he doesn’t use the word “Snapchat” once):

“This is about today. It’s not about yesterday. It’s not about tomorrow. The two key functionalities are 1. I’m going to set context because it’s going to make for better conversations if people know where I am and what I’m doing. And 2. It’s about where I want to take my day so I’m going to use a frame, take a photo, and see which of my friends are going to engage with me to actually make that plan, because planning is one of the core capabilities of a messaging app.”

So no, contrary to what you might have assumed when you read the headline, Facebook Messenger Day is not some kind of messed up new holiday to celebrate our addiction to social media. And if you were worried about FB being able to turn a buck from this, don’t, since they’re planning on adding ads to the platform. Keep an eye out for Facebook Messenger Day to come to a smartphone near you starting today.

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