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The New Facebook “Home” For Android (Video)

by Joseph
Facebook Home

Facebook Home

Many analysts have been predicting a “Facebook Phone” to come out any day now – a smartphone that works primarily through your Facebook account and Facebook apps. Instead, a similar but less radical product has been unveiled. ┬áIt’s called “Facebook Home,” and it features a collection of apps that integrates with the Android OS and effectively turns your Android phone into a de facto Facebook phone.

The first smartphone to come with Facebook Home pre-loaded will be the HTC First, which was also showcased at the same event as Facebook Home. If you like the Android you have now, but are interested in Facebook Home, not to worry. It’ll be available for download on April 12th.

For more details, you can check out the press event at the Facebook Live website here. You can also see a short promotional video about Facebook home below.

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