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Facebook Rolls Out “A Look Back”

by Joseph
Facebook A Look Back

Facebook A Look Back

Feeling nostalgic for those innocent, carefree days when you were new to Facebook? Or maybe just for the last few years of your life in general (at least as it existed on the internet)? Facebook is appealing to that part of your brain with it’s new “Look Back” feature, in honor of the company’s 10th anniversary.

Facebook’s “A Look Back,” courtesy of “Mark & the Facebook Team” (that’s Mark Zuckerberg, in case you didn’t see The Social Network), takes the most popular posts and photos of your Facebook career and collates them into a minute-long “movie.” It’s enough to make you a little teary-eyed, provided you’re the sentimental type.

To check out your Facebook “Look Back,” just head to Facebook.com/LookBack here. There’s also an option to share your video, although I don’t know how interested anyone will be in watching anyone else’s Facebook montages. Also, the feature doesn’t appear to work for everybody as of this writing, so it’s possible Facebook is doing a gradual roll-out and you should try again later.

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