Home Entertainment ‘Face Lift’: CGI Head Gets the Adult Swim Treatment (Video)

‘Face Lift’: CGI Head Gets the Adult Swim Treatment (Video)

by Joseph
Face Lift

Face Lift

Every once in a while Adult Swim comes out with a short film that captures the viral imagination, quickly becoming worn out after a week or so (remember Too Many Cooks?). Somehow, I think there’s a chance that that’s going to happen with Face Lift, even though it might be too weird and mildly unnerving to have that kind of mass-share appeal.

Nevertheless, Face Lift is worth watching, thanks to its exploration of what’s now possible with realistic computer animation, and the strange humor that arises from watching a fake human head go through a variety of different forms of mechanical abuse. It’s the work of Steve Smith and Jerry Paper, and other than that not much seems to be known. Perhaps it’s going to be a series of some kind, or maybe it’s just a one-off, but I for one could see the Face Lift head becoming a pretty great late night talk show host.

You can watch Face Lift below, and for more weird stuff from Adult Swim head over to the programming block’s YouTube channel here.

Enjoy (?):

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