Home Entertainment ‘F*#! That with Vince Staples’ Premieres on Snapchat (Teaser)

‘F*#! That with Vince Staples’ Premieres on Snapchat (Teaser)

by Joseph
F*#! That with Vince Staples

F*#! That with Vince Staples

Rapper and Twitter legend Vince Staples is now taking his talents to another social media platform, with a new original Snapchat series that follows him as he “send[s] people to do things I would never probably do.” In that vein, the show is called F*#! That with Vince Staples.

The first episode of F*#! That with Vince Staples premiered a couple of days ago on Snapchat, and it features a brave/foolhardy friend of Staples receiving colonic hydroptheraphy, which if you’re curious you can probably just Google — or see it in action in the show. Alternatively, if you’re pressed for time at the moment and/or not interested in seeing someone get a colonics treatment, you can just watch a short and to the point teaser for the show below:


If you’re young enough to navigate Snapchat, you probably already know how to find F*#! That with Vince Staples for yourself, so keep an eye out for new episodes every Sunday.


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