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Eye of the Cheetah: Cheetos Brand Jewelry Priced at $20,000

by Joseph
Eye of the Cheetah

Eye of the Cheetah

Cheetos has time and time again proven that of all the irreverent snack brands in the world, they are the ones that are willing to go the farthest for a joke. For the latest example, just check out the Chestora Collection, a line of high-priced premium holiday gifts the crown jewel of which is a $20,000 jewelry set bearing the name Eye of the Cheetah.

The Eye of the Cheetah jewelry set is made up of two 18-karat yellow gold earrings and a matching ring, bearing almost 200 black and white diamonds and encrusted in orange sapphires meant to evoke Cheetos’ iconic orange cheese dust. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks, unless you’re Chester Cheetah.

You can actually purchase the $20,000 Eye of the Cheetah jewelry at the Cheetos brand online store right here, where you can also check out the rest of the Chestora Collection. Or, you could save a little money and just buy an ungodly amount of actual Cheetos.

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