Home Tech & Gear ExoLens: “Professional Grade Photography Gear for Your iPhone” (Video)

ExoLens: “Professional Grade Photography Gear for Your iPhone” (Video)

by Joseph


iPhone cameras, like all smartphone cameras, are great for casually documenting your life, but fall short of the professional standard employed by most photographers. But with an ExoLens, you can take professional-grade photos with the same device you use to order pizza with emojis. What a world!

The ExoLens works by hooking onto the back of your iPhone (as seen in the photo up at the top) with three detachable lenses for three different modes of shooting – wide-angle, telephoto, and macro – that cover a rough approximation of the arsenal of a typical photographer. The macro lens is especially notable since it’s the first external iPhone camera lens with a built-in zoom function, and the kit includes a tripod and special mount for other accessories (like an external flash).

For a lot more information on the ExoLens, and to place an order for yours, head over to the rig’s official site right here. Or you can watch the promotional video below:

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