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‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Release Official Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Exodus Gods and Kings trailer

Exodus Gods and Kings trailer

It’s been about 2600 years since the Book of Exodus was written, which means it’s finally in the public domain so Hollywood can make a movie out of it. The result is Exodus: Gods and Kings starring Christian Bale, Sigourney Weaver, Aaron Paul, and other white people walking like Egyptians.

Exodus: Gods and Kings has already been the source of controversy because of that whole trans-racial thing it has going on, but given that it’s directed by Ridley Scott, starring Batman, and about a character that everyone knows and loves (Moses), it will probably still be a massive hit. And in anticipation of its release date later this year, the first trailer hit the internet about a month ago.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the official trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings below. And the movie is set to hit theaters on December 12th, 2014.

Here’s the trailer:

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