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Ex-Stream-Ly Cozy Package: Watch ‘Stranger Things’ at The Gregory Hotel

by Joseph
Ex-Stream-Ly Cozy Package

Ex-Stream-Ly Cozy Package

The Gregory Hotel in New York City has a room package specifically for people who want to go to a hotel to binge-watch the second season of Stranger Things on Netflix. Hey, I don’t understand it either, but this is the world we live in now. They call it the Ex-Stream-Ly Cozy Package, and here’s a list of the goodies you’ll get for your $249 a night:

  • Booking rates starting at $249/night
  • Streaming service via in-room Google Chromecast to binge-watch the Season 2 premiere of The Stranger Things on Netflix
  • Curated Stranger Things snacks and beverages, including canned House Wine and Heathy Skoop’s Sleep Protein to help you sleep away the post-show scaries
  • Eleven’s Eggos to munch on mid-premiere
  • Stranger Things lite-up wall tapestry depicting Will’s message from the Upside Down along with fleece blanket and pillowcase
  • Stranger Things “Friends don’t lie” mug to take home

The main thing I’m confused about regarding the Gregory Hotel’s Ex-Stream-Ly Cozy Package is why they decided to pun the word “streaming,” which is an extremely mundane part of everyday life for many people, and not the title Stranger Things. They could have called it, I dunno, Finer Things or Stranger Suites or something like that. But I’m not in the hotel business, so what do I know?

If you feel like spending a weekend in New York City watching TV inside a hotel room between now and the end of August of next year, book your own Ex-Stream-Ly Cozy Package at the official Gregory Hotel site here.

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