Home Entertainment ‘Everything Sucks!’: Nostalgic 90s Series Gets Trailer (Video)

‘Everything Sucks!’: Nostalgic 90s Series Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Everything Sucks!

Everything Sucks!

90s nostalgia is nothing new these days, in fact it would probably be easier to count the number of future TV shows and movies that don’t have some element of it than vice versa. But Netflix’s upcoming series Everything Sucks! would appear to take the idea into overdrive, judging by the recently released date announcement trailer for the show.

The trailer for Everything Sucks! features plenty of mid-90s signifiers: VCRs, Discman CD players, pocket calculators, and other stuff you might find in a classroom full of bored teenagers in 1996. It’s also driven by something I’ll admit it took me a few seconds to identify: Pop-Up Video-style bubbles. Take a look at the trailer below:


Everything Sucks! comes to Netflix on February 16th, 2018, so you can likely expect to get a better look at the show between now and then. For now, here’s some additional ad copy from Netflix:

“Remember when your clothes and your backpack were your Facebook wall? Welcome to freshman year 1996. Everything Sucks! premieres February 16, 2018.”




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