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‘Every Day is Play’: A Video Game Coffee Table Book

by Joseph
Every Day is Play

Every Day is Play

With GamerGate and its attendant controversy raging for what feels like its 8th or 9th year, it’s not the best time to be a video game fan. But if your love of video games has endured, you might be interested in Every Day is Play, a coffee table book that celebrates the unique characters that have populated our favorite video games for the last three decades.

Every Day is Play is made up of more than 1000 images featuring different artists’ takes on video game characters, interviews, and much more. It all comes to a handsome coffee table book that’s a little over 300 pages long, so it should take you a little while to get through in between games.

Available in standalone or fancy “Console Pack” editions, Every Day is Play is priced at about $57 and can be purchased from Game Paused here, where a lot more information on the book is also available.

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