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‘Every Best VFX Winner Ever’ in One Video

by Joseph
Every Best VFX Winner Ever

Every Best VFX Winner Ever

The Oscars are coming up next month, and they will undoubtedly serve as yet another reminder that the truly most important award isn’t Best Picture but instead Best Visual Effects – after all, what’s more crucial to cinema than visual effects? The folks at Burger Fiction have put together have updated their recurring Every Best VFX Winner Ever video, with last year’s winner and this year’s nominees added to the mix.

Every Best VFX Winner Ever includes clips from films going all the way back to 1929, when the award was taken home by Wings. Visual effects got better and better throughout the following decades, with the peak probably happening somewhere in the 1980s, but the video is thoroughly entertaining all the way through:

If you’re interested in seeing more from where Every Best VFX Winner Ever came from, head over to the always reliable official Burger Fiction YouTube channel right here.

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