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Everlane Launches Choose-Your-Own-Price Sale

by Joseph


When internet commerce first started picking up a couple decades ago, people thought that the usual paradigms of shopping would be completely changed. Maybe they were right, but it’s still an interesting novelty to see a sale like the one currently happening at Everlane.

The Everlane brand is about cutting the usual overhead costs associated with shopping, but their latest sale lets the customers themselves pick just how much of those costs get cut. For each item (sweaters, shoes, pants, etc.) included in the sale, shoppers have the choice of one of three price points: A low-tier price that only covers production costs, a middle-tier price with extra funds for the brand’s employees, and an upper-tier that will invest in the future growth of the Everlane brand.

You only have until Wednesday, December 30th to check out Everlane’s choose-your-own price sale at the company’s official online store right here, so take a look as soon as you can if you don’t want to miss out on potentially guilt-inducing savings.

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