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Everbright: 21st Century Lite-Brite for Adults

by Joseph


If you were born long enough ago there’s a good chance you remember playing with a Lite-Brite. And since many of the kids who played with Lite-Brite are now adults who work in offices, we now have Hero Design‘s Everbright, essentially a giant Lite-Brite for grownups.

Everbright is being marketed primarily as an office team-building tool, or “a refresh button for the brain” under the principle that a good brainless task like creating colorful patterns on a board lets the brain work on more important stuff behind the scenes. Inspired by Lite-Brite, it features 464 touch-controlled dials (in lieu of the original toy’s colored pegs) that can be adjusted to any color on the rainbow.

It might sound silly, but in the promo video at the Hero Design Site I have to admit Everbright seems pretty darn fun – it’s too bad I don’t work in an office, since even a mini-Everbright is priced at 14 grand at the product’s official site here. But if you do have an office job, maybe you can get corporate to foot the bill.


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