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EverBlock: Large-Scale Plastic Building Bricks (Photos)

by Joseph

I suppose it had to happen eventually. Someone had the idea to take the main principle behind LEGO and develop it on a much larger scale, so modular plastic building bricks can be used to build almost anything, instead of just small-scale replicas of almost anything. It’s called EverBlock.

With EverBlock, you can assemble, chairs, desks, tables, even entire structures to the whims of your own imagination, no tools required. And the company offers rentals as well as purchases, plus consultations on projects, so it’s not just the bricks themselves that are versatile and adaptable to different situations.

In case you don’t believe that EverBlock can be used to build real, adult-sized stuff and not just novelties, you can take a look at a few examples of what the system can do in the gallery below. And for more info, check out the official site right here.

Here’s the gallery:


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