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Event Horizon Spin Coin from J. L. Lawson & Co.

by Joseph
Event Horizon Spin Coin

Event Horizon Spin Coin

Who can say why the market for novelty spinning coins appears to be booming? Perhaps it’s an illusion brought on by the need of lifestyle sites to constantly churn out more and more content, or maybe we just live in especially indecisive times. In any case, the latest such coin to come across my metaphorical desk is the Event Horizon Spin Coin from those old spinning coin stalwarts at J. L. Lawson & Co.

Billed as a “pocket sized black hole that you can carry with you,” the Event Horizon Spin Coin isn’t actually a powerful gravitational field strong enough that even light cannot escape it. But it looks pretty cool all the same.

Check out the J.L. Lawson & Co. Event Horizon Spin Coin, which unfortunately you do need eyes to see, at the product’s Kickstarter listing right here, where pre-orders start at $27 and shipments are slated to begin in September.


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