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‘Eunoia II’: Artist Controls Water With Her Mind (Photos and Video)

by Joseph
Eunoia II

Artist Lisa Park has developed a technique that lets her control pools of water with her own brain. The technique has resulted in Eunoia II, the latest art exhibition from Park, featuring the artist, an EEG machine headset, 48 pools of water, and special speakers that vibrate and create interesting visual effects in the water.

Eunoia II hooks all these elements together and the end result is that the water responds to Lisa Park’s emotions. The reason there are 48 pools of water in the exhibit is because each one corresponds to one of the 48 emotions listed by philosopher Baruch Spinoza in Ethica, and Park can display each one according to her feelings over the course of the installation.

It should be a fascinating exhibit to anyone with an interest in art, technology, emotions, or water, which means that you’ll more than likely want to check out Eunoia II in the video below (and some photos of the exhibit in the gallery below that). And for more from Lisa Park, head over to the artist’s website here.

Here’s the video:

And here are the photos:

Eunoia IIEunoia IIEunoia IIEunoia IIEunoia IIEunoia II

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